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What are MyMaps?

Google MyMaps are an easy way to generate your own maps using simple drag-and-drop tools for points, lines, and polygons using Google Maps as a background. You can give each element in your MyMap a name and detailed description including photos and videos. To build a MyMap, go to Google Maps and select the 'My Maps' tab. Use your Google account (or create one) to save your maps.

What do the Conversion Options Mean?

MyMaps can contain points, lines, and polygons. TakItWithMe provides options on how to use these in your GPS.

Point Options:

Line and Polygon Options:

You may select any combination of conversion options. If you change your selections after loading your MyMap into TakItWithMe, click on 'Load MyMap' again prior to saving to the GPS to reflect your changes.

How do I find my MyMaps URL?

Your MyMaps URL or Link is found by clicking on 'Link to This Page' in the Google Maps window. Copy the highlighted link to our MyMaps URL field in Step 2.

Google My Maps Interface Google MyMaps Interface